Here is another recipe created by several mistakes, but this time it was my husband, not me. We love to use the slow cooker for dinners during the week since it is such a time saver. With a few minutes of work in the morning, you can have a home cooked meal ready to serve as soon as you walk in the door from work. The down side is that some of us are not quite up to reading… Read more »

    The credit for this recipe really goes to my sister, who has opened my eyes to Daiya cream cheese style spread. In general, I have not been a huge fan of imitation products, like cheese made with rice protein, etc. I have tried a few, and always wonder who tasted them and thought that they could pass for the original. So I had seen the dairy free cream cheese spread at the store, but figured it would be… Read more »

When people find out that I don’t eat or drink dairy, their first concern is usually that I am not getting enough calcium. When people ask “Where do you get your calcium?” the short answer is that I’m really not sure. I haven’t spent the time that I should researching calcium sources and ensuring that I am getting enough. I haven’t been terribly concerned for a few reasons. First, I’ve been hearing mixed information about the benefits of calcium, especially… Read more »