This meatloaf is bursting with flavor and is so moist it practically melts in your mouth. My original concept for this recipe was to have all the goodness of a burger, mixed into a meatloaf. I then took some inspiration from my grandfather through a special gift from a family member. For Christmas this year, my cousin had canvases made out of a handwritten copy of my grandfather’s meatloaf recipe. I love the way that traditions and memories… Read more »

  This was actually the first recipe that I ever came up with. True to my style, it was born out of not one mistake, but several. I had an online recipe I was trying out, but I wanted to incorporate some whole wheat flour into it, and I felt like the original recipe had too many chocolate chips. First, I was halfway through mixing the batter when I realized I was missing an ingredient and had to improvise. Then,… Read more »

  With the record-breaking cold temperatures that most of the country has been experiencing recently, I think a little comfort food is in order. To me, the ultimate comfort food is Chili, which is conveniently dairy and soy free. It’s one of those classic dishes that typically doesn’t need any tweaking. If you haven’t already checked, take a look at your favorite Chili recipe and see if it’s safe. Or if you want to try a different recipe, here is… Read more »