We originally made this dressing to go on our Food Truck Reuben, but it tastes so good that we end up using what is left for several other purposes. This can of course be used for a salad dressing, but also makes a great veggie dip or spread for sandwiches and burgers. You might be able to find a bottled dairy and soy free Russian dressing, but this is really fast and easy and is made of ingredients that… Read more »

  When I made the decision to eliminate dairy and soy from my diet, there were a few things I started missing right away, and hot cocoa was one of them. We had some instant packets in our cabinet that I read hopefully, but of course they contained dairy. I started searching the internet for non-dairy recipes and found one that tasted good, but was much more complicated than pouring a packet into a mug and adding hot water. I’m… Read more »

  I started working at a bakery when I was 15 years old and developed a love for baking and cake decorating. In my opinion, this cannot be done well without homemade icing. I would typically use a lot of butter in my icing, and a little bit of whipping cream to get a nice creamy texture. This has been a bit of a challenge for me since removing dairy and soy from diet, and I have tried several different… Read more »