This is the other cake recipe that I used for Sweet Girl’s birthday party. I made a 3 tiered cake (yes, I go overboard with cakes) for the guests, and this was used for one of the layers. This was also the recipe that I used for her “smash cake”, which she enjoyed thoroughly. Again, I can’t take the credit for this cake, as I simply altered the original recipe from Healthy Indulgences. For some reason, this one took more… Read more »

  I came up with this recipe when we made cookies for Santa this past Christmas, and decided to make them for Sweet Girl’s daycare teachers for Valentine’s Day. I like to do something nice for them since they do so much for our family, but baking can get really difficult with all of the dietary restrictions; on top of our dairy and soy restriction, the daycare does not allow anything with nuts, and according to their policy, that also… Read more »

  Forget about the fact that this cake is dairy, soy, AND gluten free… talk about a decadent chocolate cake! I wish I could take the credit for this recipe, but I actually found the original recipe on the Healthy Indulgences site and tweaked it very slightly. The original version is made without refined sugar, but I didn’t want to use the erythritol that it called for, and had trouble making it work with agave. An added bonus is that this recipe… Read more »