I recently shared my tips for going dairy and soy free, one of which is to find ways to treat yourself. For many people ice cream is not only a favorite treat, but something they say they could never give up. I like ice cream as much as the next guy, and fortunately eliminating dairy and soy doesn’t have to mean giving up ice cream… or at least some pretty great substitutes. Here are some of my suggestions and… Read more »

It’s been a year since the last time I had dairy and soy, and honestly… it’s easy. Really. At first, it was tough, and frustrating at times, to pick up 20 items at the grocery store and find that they all contain diary and/or soy. I still get annoyed when I see items that have soy when they really don’t have to (like bread). Now, I am used to things we buy at the grocery store, we have some go-to… Read more »

A few weeks ago we were invited to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and my husband asked if I could bake some cookies that incorporated vanilla and coconut, the birthday boy’s favorite flavors. I took an initial stab at a cookie recipe, expecting it to be a starting point but not to really work out. So I wasn’t surprised at all that I looked in the oven and saw that they spread out way too much and didn’t look very pretty…. Read more »