I’ve talked before about my dad’s passion for cooking and creating new dishes – emphasis on new. We always joked growing up that we never had the same meal twice, because my dad never used measurements or recipes. As delicious as his meals always are, it is incredibly frustrating to try to learn to make his recipes. Since he doesn’t measure anything, he cooks by feel and by taste, making it very difficult to communicate his method. Not to… Read more »

  My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Las Vegas and went to an awesome Mexican restaurant in our hotel. They served a variety of salsas with chips, one of which was a green salsa. We both agreed that it was the best salsa we had ever tasted, and have since been trying to find or duplicate it. We have found some jarred salsas that are close, and have had some luck making some that taste pretty good, too…. Read more »

  I am LOVING the beautiful spring weather that we have been having! It already has me thinking about summer cookouts and pool parties. Fruit pizza has always been one of my favorite desserts to bring and share for warm weather events for several reasons. Most importantly, it is delicious! It is sweet, without being too rich, and has such a light, fresh flavor. Another reason that I love fruit pizza is how pretty it is. I love foods that… Read more »