Hopefully you saw Part 1 of my tips and information about dining out, where I discussed some of the challenges of eating out, the pros and cons of chains and smaller restaurants, and some things that I have learned about eating at chains. In this post, I will share some general tips for eating at restaurants, what food I eat when allergen information is not available, and some things to watch-out for at any restaurant.

    Eating away from home can be a big challenge with dietary restrictions. The reality is that you are totally entrusting your health to people you have never met, and may know nothing about your specific allergy. I know this thought makes me nervous when I eat at restaurants, and my daughter has a relatively mild intolerance. We don’t often eat out for several reasons – it’s expensive, I can’t control the quality of the food, and I don’t… Read more »

There are several reasons that I made the decision to eliminate milk and soy from my diet, but I decided to stick with my diet change because of some unexpected benefits. One of the big reasons that I kept dairy and soy out of my diet was the potential dangers that I was hearing about both foods. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the things that I was hearing, but I definitely wanted to do more research. Since… Read more »