Welcome to No Milk, No Soy, No Problem! My name is Allison, and I am a new mom to the sweetest little girl in the world! While “Sweet Girl” is my number one love in life, I have also always had a passion for preparing, eating, and sharing delicious food. I grew up in a family that lived to eat, and every event and social gathering was centered around food. My dad, who was the cook in my family, used quality ingredients and unique flavor blends to create gourmet meals every day of the week. After these early influences, my views of food evolved through different stages of life. In college I often chose food based on the dining hall with the shortest line or the latest hours. As newlyweds, my husband and I chose food with two requirements: cheap and easy to prepare. When I was faced with some health concerns, I began to pay attention to my food more, but mainly focused on calorie and fat content. A few years ago, I developed a passion for living a more natural and healthful lifestyle. As I started to make a conscious effort to eat healthier, I was surprised to find that I actually began to enjoy my food more. So when I made the decision to eliminate milk and soy from my diet, I was determined that I would still eat delicious food made with high quality, natural ingredients. This added challenge has presented many difficulties, but has also brought about some unexpected benefits. I started this blog to help me as I continue learning how to adjust to the milk-free, soy-free world, and to help others that are going through the same experience.