I have mentioned before that I used to work at a bakery in Charlotte where I was able to learn so much about food and baking. One of my favorite memories was the hours spent making glazed (or iced) sugar cookies around the holidays. While the long hours were exhausting, I found making these cookies to be oddly rewarding. They come out looking really nice and elegant, and taste fantastic. I think we sold so many of them because… Read more »

  A while back I was waiting at the drug store to get a prescription filled, and I was so hungry I couldn’t wait to get home to eat. I started looking for a snack that was dairy and soy free and checked out the nut mixes, thinking that I could find something safe there. Unfortunately dairy and soy ingredients can be hidden in nut mixes just as much as anything else, but I found this amazing almond mix from… Read more »

As I was moving into the third trimester of pregnancy, I learned that I had gestational diabetes. With the challenge of such a restrictive diet, I found myself feeling so frustrated. The last few weeks of pregnancy were hard. I haven’t even mentioned that fact that I also had to give myself daily blood thinner injections for my entire pregnancy because of the blood clot I got after having Sweet Girl. And by the way, those injections increased to twice… Read more »