There are several reasons that I made the decision to eliminate milk and soy from my diet, but I decided to stick with my diet change because of some unexpected benefits. One of the big reasons that I kept dairy and soy out of my diet was the potential dangers that I was hearing about both foods. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the things that I was hearing, but I definitely wanted to do more research. Since then, I have learned a lot more and am convinced that I made the right choice when it comes to dairy.

I had heard many claims about dairy affecting several parts of the body, but so far had only experienced a change in digestive and sinus symptoms. I recently decided to spend a little time doing some research about other areas. I just did quick internet searches for things like “foods that cause ear infections” and “eczema triggers”, and it was astounding the number of lists on which dairy appeared. I went through the different areas of the body and continued to search to see how many were affected by dairy. The picture above shows the results that I found, and is pretty shocking when I see it all together. I wouldn’t even call this a comprehensive list, as I didn’t have a very methodical way of capturing all bodily systems.


To be clear, I am not saying that dairy is the leading cause of any of these ailments, and there are plenty of potential causes that occur on lists like these just as much as dairy does. The other common foods are things like refined sugar and fatty foods; people seem to accept that those are unhealthy, but continue to eat dairy. You could also try to pick apart the information used and the studies referenced (see sources below), or comment on the fact that the sources use some conditional statements like “may cause” or “for some people”, but you would be missing the point. Just look at the number of things that dairy can cause/contribute to/worsen, and the numerous systems in the body that can be impacted.


Think about it this way: If you picked up a package of food or a non-essential medication with this warning label on the back…


May cause or worsen migraines, recurring ear infections, chronic sinus problems, acne, asthma, gas, bloating, constipation, ovarian cancer, endometriosis pain, prostate cancer, eczema, joint pain, and arthritis


Would you still consume it? Would you want your family to use it? I know I wouldn’t.






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