If you were surprised by my recent Facebook post about the baby boy that my family welcomed, you are probably not alone. My husband and I have made the choice with both of our children not to share our pregnancy on social media. This pregnancy, however was drastically different than my first, partially due to the fact that I no longer eat dairy and soy. So now that our little man has made his arrival, I am excited to share with you some of the things that I experienced and what I learned! (more…)


I don’t think I go through that whole “nesting” phase during pregnancy. Instead I get it after the baby is born… and then at random times like around birthdays, when I decide to complete all of the things in the baby’s room I planned to do before said baby arrived. So, this baby has been home for weeks and still doesn’t have a completed bedroom. It will happen eventually. There were a lot of other grand plans I had that also never happened, like stocking my freezer with lots of easy meals for nights when cooking just wasn’t going to happen. (more…)



I have talked a lot about my dad’s food because he did 99% of the cooking in my family. My mom, however, does have a few dishes that she has made over the years. One of her recipes, breakfast casserole, became a Christmas morning tradition for our family. While it is delicious, it is loaded with milk, cheese, and simple carbs from white bread.