I came up with this recipe when we made cookies for Santa this past Christmas, and decided to make them for Sweet Girl’s daycare teachers for Valentine’s Day. I like to do something nice for them since they do so much for our family, but baking can get really difficult with all of the dietary restrictions; on top of our dairy and soy restriction, the daycare does not allow anything with nuts, and according to their policy, that also… Read more »

A few weeks ago we were invited to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and my husband asked if I could bake some cookies that incorporated vanilla and coconut, the birthday boy’s favorite flavors. I took an initial stab at a cookie recipe, expecting it to be a starting point but not to really work out. So I wasn’t surprised at all that I looked in the oven and saw that they spread out way too much and didn’t look very pretty…. Read more »

  This was actually the first recipe that I ever came up with. True to my style, it was born out of not one mistake, but several. I had an online recipe I was trying out, but I wanted to incorporate some whole wheat flour into it, and I felt like the original recipe had too many chocolate chips. First, I was halfway through mixing the batter when I realized I was missing an ingredient and had to improvise. Then,… Read more »