I don’t think I go through that whole “nesting” phase during pregnancy. Instead I get it after the baby is born… and then at random times like around birthdays, when I decide to complete all of the things in the baby’s room I planned to do before said baby arrived. So, this baby has been home for weeks and still doesn’t have a completed bedroom. It will happen eventually. There were a lot of other grand plans I had that… Read more »

Like many recipes that we love, the credit for this one belongs to someone else; this time, my mother-in-law. One of the first times we visited my husband’s family after going dairy and soy free, we arrived with nasty head colds. Thankfully my mother-in-law was already prepared with the perfect meal.

  Shepherd’s Pie is one of those classic comfort foods that is perfect when it’s cold outside or when someone in the family is sick. I have seen and tried multiple different versions, and I love that this is a dish that can be customized. This recipe if pretty traditional, but has an added bonus of being dairy, soy, and gluten free. (I love it when that happens!) It doesn’t exactly fall into the 15 minute meal category, and can… Read more »