A while back I was waiting at the drug store to get a prescription filled, and I was so hungry I couldn’t wait to get home to eat. I started looking for a snack that was dairy and soy free and checked out the nut mixes, thinking that I could find something safe there. Unfortunately dairy and soy ingredients can be hidden in nut mixes just as much as anything else, but I found this amazing almond mix from… Read more »

A few months back I shared some of my go-to snacks that are dairy and soy free, and have learned more since then. Snacks are really important to me because they make up a huge part of my diet. When I first started my job, I would pack an enormous lunch with several items and eat all of it over my lunch hour. This meant that I would spend half of my morning starving, and in the afternoon I was… Read more »

I find that one of the hardest parts of being milk and soy free is finding quick and easy snack foods. Before eliminating milk and soy, some easy things to throw in my lunch (or the diaper bag) were yogurt, granola bars, string cheese, bagels, and crackers or fruit with cheese. Other than the obvious dairy items, I quickly found that if granola bars and bread products don’t have hidden milk, they almost always have soy ingredients. It’s taken some… Read more »